Animal Welfare

Animal welfare in Australia has come a long way over the last few decades. Today, the Australian Lot Feeding industry is aware of the negative impacts that heat can have on livestock, and closely monitors heat stress. Industry members scrutinise relevant websites, track the weather, and plan for potential heat events. They are responsive and considerate of animal welfare, and focused on protecting both their stock and their business.

Extensive research in the industry means that heat stress can now be measured. The base algorithms for the heat stress equations, and their determination and verification were developed by Dr Simon Lott and Mr Ryan Petrov through a Meat & Livestock Australia funded research program.

Today, those data and algorithms are being extended by EnviroAg Australia. Research that continues to contribute towards improved animal welfare is an important aspect of our research and development program, and we partner with industry bodies to make sure that increases in knowledge are delivered directly to industry.