Agriculture & Food Production

Agriculture (mainstream)

Agriculture and sustainable production is our passion. EnviroAg Australia works directly with Australian agriculture on environmental issues that range from soil fertility management for increased production, through to catchment management for reduction of nutrient loss in runoff to water ways and ground waters.


The Cotton Industry has benefited from EnviroAg Australia projects that have included; approvals and environmental monitoring for Cotton Gins, environmental approvals for transfers of water licenses, implementation of BMP’s for industry, and environmental auditing.

Food Processing

EnviroAg Australia is directly involved in the environmental management of food processing facilities including; grain, dairy, fruit, vegetable and meat processing facilities. Services delivered in past projects include approvals and design of washing facilities, waste management and land utilisation areas for waste waters.


Recent projects for the grains industries have included quality assurance manuals for grain handling and research and investigation of fumigation protocols for the rice industry for export of rice grain.


Our personnel have directly contributed to the Ute Guide - Healthy Soils for sustainable Vegetable Farms. We have also undertaken research and demonstration trials on the use of recycled organics in horticulture for Resource NSW at Peats Ridge.


EnviroAg Australia has worked with some of Australia’s largest wineries. Services to the wine and grape industry include development approvals for winery expansions, waste management plans, research and development, by product recovery, and environmental audits.


Animal Production


Trout, Inland Barramundi, and Prawn production are some of the aquaculture industries with which we have worked over the years. Past projects have included development approvals, waste management plans, water quality monitoring, and recycling system appraisal and design.


Managing Director, Dr Simon Lott, has a strong history within the beef sector. Beginning at a young age, he has worked in every capacity from jackaroo to farm manager to cattle breeder. Simon is also a qualified agronomist, engineer and hydrologist. EnviroAg Australia benefits from Simon's extensive knowledge base when working with clients. Our work with the beef industry ranges from property planning to pasture production, lot feeding and animal welfare.


EnviroAg Australia delivers a host of Feedlot Services. These include; environmental approvals for feedlot expansions and new developments, accessing water resources, design, construction supervision, animal welfare management, and research. The business has been directly involved in the development of all three editions of the National Guidelines for Beef Cattle Feedlots in Australia, and two editions of the National Beef Cattle Feedlot Environmental Code of Practice.

Live Export

LiveCorp and Live Air are recipients of key research findings regarding animal welfare, and environmental research being undertaken by EnviroAg Australia for the live export industry. EnviroAg Australia’s research has bettered on board management of livestock on ships, and has significantly improved crate design and animal environment management on planes.

Meat Processing

EnviroAg Australia has a long history with red meat processing facilities. We have worked on a wide variety of projects with the industry, including: waste management, research on salt reduction strategies, environmental monitoring, annual environmental reporting, approvals for expansions, land utilisation of waste waters, and composting of paunch and other materials.


 EnviroAg Australia has delivered research in waste management systems for Australian Pork Limited. We also deliver environmental assessments and development applications and approvals for the expansions of piggeries, and their subsequent environmental monitoring and environmental reporting.


Poultry developments often compete for land and water assets with piggeries and feedlots; though generally they are positioned closer to large rural or urban centres. EnviroAg Australia has supported the development of the poultry industry through environmental assessment and development applications for developments in in NSW. It has also assisted the NSW EPA with independent assessments of local meteorological phenomena and air quality in the Peel Valley near Tamworth where there are extensive poultry developments.


EnviroAg Australia has assisted numerous saleyards in their quest to achieve approval for expansions, or change and implementation of environmental practices commensurate with their licenses.

Sheep and Wool

The sheep and wool industry have had a chequered history, especially since deregulation. EnviroAg Australia has worked with the industry on approval and design of sheep feedlots, pasture based irrigation, fat lamb production systems, environmental management of wool scours, and waste management of sheep skin / hide processors.


Government & Environment


Over the last 10 years we have assisted timber industries with land capability assessments for plantation timber, salinity and soil surveys to trouble shoot production problems with plantations, and environmental monitoring and reporting for timber mills.


EnviroAg Australia provides services to Federal, State and Local government and their agencies. Services have included: independent assessments of illegal clearing through to environmental monitoring and reporting of Local government landfills. EnviroAg Australia also works with industries to ensure compliance with government regulations.

National Parks

EnviroAg Australia has had a long history of undertaking specialist works inside National Parks. We operate with a small environmental footprint and our approach is focused on minimal disturbance whilst maintaining the best quality data collection. EnviroAg Australia delivered all the baseline landscape assessments for the new Yanga National Park including soil survey, groundwater monitoring network and vegetation mapping for the NSW National Parks services. 


Property planning and careful management of at times sparse resources is the key to success of rangelands. EnviroAg Australia has excelled at delivery of property plans for the small land holder through to the giants of corporate agribusiness.


Remote tourism is challenged by operating sustainably in a resource constrained environment. Tourism, while blessed with unique sites and experiences, can be hindered by access, lack of water and difficult waste management. EnviroAg Australia has supported remote tourism operations through realising water supplies, and mapping and deploying waste management systems.


“Scotch is for drinking and water is for fighting over!” In agriculture water is everything. It sustains all production, and, when managed improperly it can cause significant conflict ranging from illegal individual “takes” to catchment mismanagement with disastrous consequences on water quality and availability. EnviroAg Australia delivers specialist water services.


Resources, Transport & Construction

Civil Construction

EnviroAg Australia delivers a host of services to the construction industry, including preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs), and supply of Site Environmental Managers under contract arrangements.

Derelict Mine Rehabilitation

Derelict mines scar the rural landscape. EnviroAg Australia has considerable experience in securing sites to minimise harm to the environment and population, and in some cases returning the land to agricultural production.


Most mines are located in rural and remote areas. Many mines occupy areas of rural land, and after extraction of the resource the land ought to be returned to Agricultural production. EnviroAg Australia has undertaken various projects for both coal mines and mineral mines, including gold, silver, antimony, tungsten, lead, zinc and asbestos mines. Services delivered range from environmental impact assessments for State significant developments of mines in NSW, environmental monitoring and annual reporting, through to rehabilitation of mine lands to return them to agricultural production. 

Oil and Gas/Petroleum

EnviroAg Australia has delivered a range of services to the following oil and gas companies: BP, Shell, Santos, APLNG, Origin Energy, QGC, and Arrow Energy. Services provided include: contaminated site assessments and rehabilitation, field ecological services, and contract environmental management. EnviroAg Australia has also undertaken the groundwater monitoring for over 100 Woolworths petrol retail sites in NSW. 


The resource assessment, development approval, and environmental management of large quarries in NSW and Qld are specialities of EnviroAg Australia. These operations draw on a number of core skills from within the company.

Resource Exploration

Exploration for the resources sector requires environmental approvals, access to lands and water supply. EnviroAg Australia delivers development and environmental approvals, land holder liaison and water licensing services to this sector. It has a positive track record in obtaining land access for exploration programs.  It has been actively involved in rehabilitation of exploration sites.


Rural Australia is totally reliant on transport systems of road and rail to get commodities to market and to receive critical supplies and services. EnviroAg Australia undertakes traffic assessments, road impact assessments, and applications for a raft of permits related to road and rail crossings and similar.