Experts in On-site Sewage Assessments

ww soil profile

Figure 1. Soil profile defined by soil sampling.

Council regulation of on-site sewage or wastewater systems is increasing. Inspectors are failing house hold septic systems and other on-site waste water treatment systems where they overload the land, leak or are ‘on the nose’.

On-site sewage management systems (OSMS) must properly treat sewage and ensure the amount of water and nutrient that goes into the soil does not water log or overload the soils with nutrient or salt, or leak nutrients such as nitrogen or phosphorus to the environment. A good system that is operating well does not smell. If a system smells then there is a problem in more ways than one.

We can help fix your on-site system. An EnviroAg Australia wastewater consultant can assist you with:

  • Planning for a new on-site system;
  • Design of the treatment systems and absorption trenches or irrigation area including soils sampling, hydraulic design, and water balances;
  • Obtaining council approval;
  • Redesign of systems that have failed or require upgrading; and
  • Inspections of newly installed and operating systems.

Our team works with plumbers and local councils to ensure that your system is effective and meets your local council’s requirements. If your site has soil problems, then our soil scientists can provide the best technical solutions; we undertake comprehensive soil sampling. 

ww site

Figure 2. Installation of a properly designed absorption trench