Emergency Water Infastructure Rebate

Water Piping

Eligibility Criteria Update For Rebate To Primary Producers Affected By Drought

EnviroAg has been conducting a diversity of engineering and environmental services across Australia over the last 20 years, with extensive experience in agricultural practices. We understand the critical need for this infrastructure to ensure the future and sustainability of your business. EnviroAg can assist in the completion of the application process. Our engineering experts have the capability to model any water infrastructure to cater for all situations. We also have the capacity to submit documentations for the approval of water licences. We look forward to finding best practise, economical solutions for your business.

The Australian Government has increased support towards drought affected farm businesses with a rebate to provide emergency water infrastructure for the welfare of livestock. This rebate will assist by allowing funding for the installation and upkeep of water related infrastructure. (Australian Government 2014).

The eligibility criteria is regularly being updated to support agriculture across Australia, but a change in weather conditions could see the funding scheme withdrawn. EnviroAg Australia’s qualified engineers and scientists can discuss with you the immediate advantages presented by the water infrastructure rebate scheme.

Benefits of EWIR

The installation of water related infrastructure will save you money in the long term. Examples of this;

  • Long-term water security
  • Utilisation of renewable technology to improve sustainability
  • Increased efficiency

Examples of approved infrastructure;

  • Bores
  • Tanks
  • Water reticulation piping
  • Pumps (conventional fossil fuels and solar)

We can also provide services in relation to your company including; property management plans, agricultural expansion plans, water infrastructure development plans, erosion and sediment control studies, feed lot management plans and soil productivity assessments.