Integrated Livestock Export Facility (ILEF)

Sunset Droving

Wellard Rural Exports Pty. Ltd. are proposing to develop an Integrated Live Export Facility on the property “Livingstone Valley” at Livingstone, Northern Territory.

The proposed development site is Section 5544 Hundred of Strangways (2658 Stuart Highway, Livingstone). “Livingstone Valley” is zoned Rural under the Northern Territory Planning Scheme.

The Integrated Live Export Facility is to be developed to deliver net improved overall benefit to the business, the environment and the welfare of the livestock to be exported.

The proposed development includes the following infrastructure:

  1. Care takers house;
  2. Commodity and fodder storage sheds;
  3. Feedmill;
  4. Freshwater storage (ring tank and clean water tanks); for capture and storage of roof runoff and storage of ground waters for stock water supply;
  5. Pre-Export Quarantine (PEQ) holding yard (Normalised holding capacity 3;000SCU;  with a 12,000 head “peak” short term (~4 day average) holding capacity over a 16 day shipment cycle time (25% occupancy));
  6. Truck washing facility;
  7. 2,000SCU (Short term) feedlot; for holding stock for up to 30 days;
  8. Waste storage and treatment facilities;
  9. Irrigation area for treated waste water reuse and hay / fodder production.

EnviroAg Australia has been engaged by Wellard Rural Export to manage this project, prepare applications and seek approvals.

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