NSW Natural Resource Access Regulator

The current regulatory focus of NRAR is water regulation, a key part of which is to prevent, detect and stop unlawful water activities.

Proactive monitoring may include:

  • The use of remote surveillance techniques such as aerial photography and satellite imagery, land and river surveys.
  • Inspections/audits determined on the basis of a risk rating.
  • Follow-up audits or more frequent auditing of identified poor performers, or high-risk activities/businesses.
  • Programs targeting a particular regulated community.

Currently, around 30 NRAR-authorised officers have the power to inspect a property and collect information from the landholder and/or license holder.  Information collected by authorised officers may take the form of videos, photographs, samples, meter readings and physical evidence, witness statements and records of interview.

To find out more about the licenses and approvals managed by NRAR, please visit the Industry NSW website.

We expect to see this type of regulatory change to manifest in other States in the near future.

For assistance in ensuring all of your licences and approvals are up to date and compliant, please contact us here at EnviroAg Australia.