Winery Waste Waters

EnviroAg Australia has supported the De Bortoli Winery to assist them to expand and prosper over the last 10 years.  It is one of Australia’s largest wineries, with a focus on sustainable environmental practices. Wineries inherently are posed with environmental and operational challenges. One significant challenge has been the management of winery waste waters.

In 2006 De Bortoli had evaporation ponds which were saline and strong-smelling.  Over 2006-7 EnviroAg worked with the winery to revolutionise their cleaning and waste water systems.  Rather than invest in conventional waste water systems, which involve large capital and operational costs, we went back to first principals and re-engineered the chemistry of their washing and cleaning systems - removing harmful salts and working on improving waste water qualities.

Following the dramatic improvement in their waste water quality, De Bortoli then invested in additional land and water.  The waste waters are now used to great advantage. Today, the De Bortoli management team have witnessed increased productivity; what was once a waste is now a great resource.  The De Bortoli Winery continues to be engaged in environmental excellence.