Recycled 'Organics'

EnviroAg has a history of supporting sustainable agriculture through innovative solutions and turning waste issues into productivity improvements.

Working with the Central Coast Waste Board in funded trials at the Peats Ridge Recycled Organics Demonstration site in 2000, crop yields highlighted the benefits of using ‘Organics’ in an intensive agricultural system.

The trials demonstrated beneficial effects from the application of compost on crop yield, soil health, water usage and a reduced reliance on synthetic fertilisers.  The effect of four different treatments on a crop of cabbages observed.

The four treatments were:

  1. Inorganic fertiliser only;
  2. Recycled organics, inorganic fertiliser and poultry manure;
  3. Recycled organics and poultry manure; and
  4. Recycled organics only.

Significant yield improvements were observed using a combined application of recycled organics, inorganic fertiliser, and poultry manure.