New Animal Welfare Laws

State and territory governments are responsible for animal production and welfare laws and their enforcement.

Qld Water Plan Changes

In Qld, water plans are developed under the Water Act 2000 to sustainably manage and allocate water resources. Water plans are specific to geographic locations. This year there have been several changes to water plans in various locations across Qld.

Drought Management Plans Securing Long Term Water For Australian Agriculture

EnviroAg Australia has a strong background working with Australian businesses in drought. Our offices based in Queensland and New South Wales are always looking for ways to help our clients and potential clients through the drought period. A Drought Management Plan (DMP) allows for the identification of issues and then the correction and implementation of solutions.

What Happened to Water Quality Management in the MDB?

The Queensland Government continues to reinforce land and water management of cane and other farms and large cattle grazing operations to reduce nutrients leaving catchments and impacting the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Best management practices for cane farms (Sugarcane Water Quality Risk Framework 2017-2022, Qld Government) state that 90% of tail water is retained on farm and reused to prevent nutrients leaving the property to water courses.

Emergency Water Infastructure Rebate

EnviroAg has been conducting a diversity of engineering and environmental services across Australia over the last 20 years, with extensive experience in agricultural practices. We understand the critical need for this infrastructure to ensure the future and sustainability of your business. EnviroAg can assist in the completion of the application process. Our engineering experts have the capability to model any water infrastructure to cater for all situations. We also have the capacity to submit documentations for the approval of water licences. We look forward to finding best practise, economical solutions for your business.

Integrated Livestock Export Facility (ILEF)

Wellard Rural Exports Pty. Ltd. are proposing to develop an Integrated Live Export Facility on the property “Livingstone Valley” at Livingstone, Northern Territory.

The proposed development site is Section 5544 Hundred of Strangways (2658 Stuart Highway, Livingstone). “Livingstone Valley” is zoned Rural under the Northern Territory Planning Scheme.

Experts in On-site Sewage Assessments

Council regulation of on-site sewage or wastewater systems is increasing. Inspectors are failing house hold septic systems and other on-site waste water treatment systems where they overload the land, leak or are ‘on the nose’.